Massage for Winter Wellness!

As the seasons change, many of our wellness practices change as well.  We wear heavier clothes in winter and cook up those “comfort foods” like chili, stews and hot chocolate to warm our bodies.  But did you know that your massage can also offer you ways to stay healthy during flu and cold season?

Our skin dries in the winter and our joints may become stiff when our tissues become dry and cold. Our moods may suffer as we enjoy less direct sunshine in the winter months and we may become a little sluggish as we tend to slow down some at this time of year.  All of this can also lead to a suppressed immune system.  Some additions to your regular massage may help you through this winter season.

Dry Brushing has been around for centuries and is a welcome addition to a winter massage as it increases circulation, exfoliates dry skin and stimulates the lymphatic system, a key component of our immune system.  Silk gloves are used with light, brisk strokes over the body prior to the massage.  This 5 minute treatment can be easily incorporated into your massage for no charge, or added to your massage time for the slight addition of $5.

Aromatherapy can actually help you to feel warmer and fight cold germs!  Breathe in Cinnamon, Eucalyptus or the blend by Young Living called Thieves during your massage.  If your skin is not sensitive, we can add a little essential oil to the massage oil so that you leave smelling and feeling warmed and calm, yet slightly invigorated.  This addition to your massage comes at no charge.

A Hot Foot Bath prior to your massage feels great as it warms and softens dried skin.  This foot bath may also help ease the pain of sore ankle joints.  Add essential oils such as lavender, bergamot or orange to refresh and lift your spirits.  This wellness addition would be time outside of the normal massage time and is offered for $10.

Let Olivia know at the time that you book your massage if you would like to enjoy one (or more) of these rejuvenating wellness additions to your massage.  You can also try them at home!



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