Yoga to me is a way of life.
Yoga is not about being skinny, super flexible or being able to stand on my head! It is about movement: creating fluidity and strength in the body; and creating calm and a gentleness in the mind. It is filling my body with breath, or life force, Prana.

Yoga, for me, is exploring and connecting with my body, mind and spirit, in peace.
My 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training was inspired by my personal Yoga practice, a journey that began in 2006. The serenity that I experience after practicing Yoga is a feeling that I want to share with everyone. So I teach yoga in a gentle, accessable manner, ideal for those new to yoga or those who what to take it slow.

My classes include basic poses called Asana and Breathwork called Pranayama. A little philosophy is thrown in for a deeper understanding of Yoga. Students learn how to move within their personal limitations, using props and my assists and directions to experience a full and gentle practice.

Classes include:

Yoga, the Basics: Class will include movement to strengthen the body while calming the mind.  Foundational poses will be taught, including standing and sitting poses with twists and breathwork.  

Restorative Yoga: Restorative Yoga is the perfect balance to a stressful, hectic life as it allows for a deep release and opening of the muscles as you recline on various props.  It is a passive form of yoga practiced in stillness as movement shifts from the outer body to the inner self.  The use of props allows the muscles and bones to become heavy and to rest.  Resting calms the mind so stress melts away.

This class is assessable to anyone able to get up and down from the floor.  Absolutely no yoga experience needed!

Due to Covid 19, Olivia is currently not providing Massage Services or teaching Yoga. Please check back at a later date. For online Ayurvedic Consultations, contact Olivia at