Massage, a time honored healing practice
Yoga, Movement for Longevity
Oncology Massage - for comfort, pain relief, support
Ayurveda, the Science of Daily Living
Venture Into Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Practice established for those interested in caring for their body and mind in holistic, nurturing ways. My focus is on helping my clients establish simple, daily habits that serve them in their quest for living a healthy, vibrant life. Together with regular Massage and Yoga Practice, these wellness habits will move you along your Path to Wellness.

Through Massage, Stress and Pain is Reduced.

Through Yoga, Flexibility and Strength is Obtained.

Through Ayurveda, Wellness is the Gift.

Due to Covid 19, Olivia is currently not providing Massage Services or teaching Yoga. Please check back at a later date. For online Ayurvedic Consultations, contact Olivia at