Oncology Massage - for comfort, pain relief, support.
Oncology massage was designed to create a safe but effective massage experience for those individuals living with cancer.

Studies have shown that massage can help to relieve symptoms related to cancer and its treatments. Clients have gained relief from: Nausea, Fatigue, Insomnia, Edema, Pain, Anxiety and Depression. The positive sensation of being touched in a caring manner allows for relaxation and the reduction of anxiety, along with improved mood.

Olivia has created a safe, comfortable environment in which appropriate massage techniques may be applied to bring rest, relaxation and symptom relief to those living with cancer. An understanding of the side effects of cancer treatments guides her massage to support the needs of her clients.

Each session with Olivia starts with a discussion of the client’s needs for that session. This time is in addition to the time booked for the massage.

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