Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage was developed specifically for those who have a compromised lymphatic system due to surgery, cancer or injury. When lymphatic fluid does not circulate as it should because lymph nodes have been removed or damaged, a condition called lymphedema may occur. Women having had treatment for breast or reproductive cancers are particularly susceptible to developing lymphedema.

Those experiencing swelling after other surgeries such as cosmetic surgery or liposuction also find Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to be helpful.
This massage gently moves lymphatic fluid to reduce swelling and restore proper range of motion and comfort.

MLD massage rates: $40 for 30 minutes / $65 for 60 minutes / $90 for 90 minutes.
Due to surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction my mind and body have been devastated. Through Olivia’s touch I am experiencing incredible overall health benefits from the therapeutic and lymphatic drainage massage. Cancer tried to destroy me but I feel blessed that Olivia is helping me put my mind and body back together! - Christy H.