When we carry stress and tension in our body, we carry the roots of disease.

Massage has been practiced since the beginning of time, in a very natural way. Whenever we suffer a pain or some discomfort, we rub that area of the body. We rub a crying child’s back, and massage our feet after a day of standing. Massage seems to be an innate way to stimulate healing and create relief.

Today, massage comes in several styles and varies between cultures: an abundance of warm oil is used in the traditional massage, Abhyanga, from India; Thai massage is traditionally performed on floor mats and involves stretches; deep tissue unwinds knots and the tightness that may accompany injury or sports activities. We use stones as tools and essential oils as treatment. Massage is worldwide and can be tailored to your individual, specific needs.

The Benefits of Massage go beyond creating a “feel good” state. Although it does make us feel pretty good! Massage is a key way to reduce stress in mind and body and, therefore, it reverses the conditions that are associated with stress. Massage has been shown to reduce our blood pressure, relieve muscle pain and cramping, decrease bouts of anxiety, and eliminate fatigue. Our immune system also gets a boost! Likewise, massage has been proven to increase circulation, improve our ability to sleep well, focus our attention, increase our energy levels and improve joint movement and overall flexibility.
"Olivia is a gifted and talented therapist. What a Godsend to have found her." – Pat R.

My massage is designed to allow the body – and the mind – to release stress, to heal and to be nourished by the deliciously rich oils that I use according to each client’s needs.

Continue on your Personal Path to Wellness with Massage Therapy.

Due to Covid 19, Olivia is currently not providing Massage Services or teaching Yoga. Please check back at a later date. For online Ayurvedic Consultations, contact Olivia at olivia.ayurveda@gmail.com.