Lemons for Your Health!

Think “Lemons” and you think refreshing.  But did you know that lemons have also been shown to fight cancer, to lower blood pressure and to help with liver problems and muscular aches and pain.  Lemon juice is an antifungal and antioxidant and has been used in everything from flavored water to furniture polish!       When used internally or in a diffuser,   Lemon juice   effects the Immune, Respiratory and Digestive Systems.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, a healthy Digestion is critical to a healthy life, and lemons help with this, too.  One simple habit that I follow daily to keep my digestion working well is my “Special Morning Drink”!  I mix about 1/4 teaspoon of dried ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey and a splash of lime juice with enough warm water to dissolve these ingredients.  However, since I have begun to experiment with Essential Oils, my special drink now contains Lemon Vitality Oil from Young Living rather than the lime juice from time to time.  The taste of this Essential Oil is incredibly crisp and a little sweet.  Just right for my “Special Morning Drink”!

Other ways to use Lemon Vitality Oil include:

  • Sprinkling a little oil over fresh fruits and melons.
  • Include a couple of drops in marinades and your favorite salad vinaigrette.
  • Add to tea.
  • Blend into your lemon cake batter and frosting.
  • Add a drop into your plain or vanilla yoghurt.
  • Use when steaming vegetables.

Ask Olivia about her other healthy habits – and about Young Living Essential Oils.

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