Kick Stress to the Curb!

We all live with stress in our lives, and actually, some stress is necessary to ensure that we accomplish our goals. Healthy stress gets us moving, but Chronic Stress is the cause of 80% of all disease!

Stress ages us more quickly as it damages the digestive and immune systems.  It brings sleepless nights filled with anxiety followed by tense days making it difficult to accomplish our goals.  It makes us forget to smile and enjoy all that is good in life.

This is why I am is offering a Series of 3 Stress Management Workshops.  I will share simple, Holistic practices to help you release stress from the body and the mind.  Practices include really easy yoga stretches, breath work, digestive aides, and aromatherapy.

In the first workshop, Healing Stress in the Body, you will learn ways to address stress related symptoms such as Poor Digestion, Headaches and Muscle Tension, and Compromised Immunity.  Tuesday, September 26, 2017 (7 – 9 pm)

The second of the series will address the affects of Healing Stress in the Mind, as we discuss ways to target Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia.  Tuesday, October 17, 2017 (7 – 9 pm)

For the final workshop, Creating Your Stress-Free Sanctuary, Olivia has invited her friend, Lynda Rothman of Sane Jane, to discuss how to transform a cluttered, disorganized, stress inducing house into your home sanctuary! Lynda is a Certified, Professional Organizer with incredible ideas for creating order.  Olivia will share information about how essential oils can be infused in your home to complete the transformation.  Tuesday, November 7, 2017 (7 –  9 pm)

The Stress Management Workshops will be presented for $25 each, or purchase all 3 for $60.

They will be held at:  The Healing Arts and Massage School, 2501 Blue Ridge Rd. Suite G160,  Raleigh

Pre-Registration is Required. Call Olivia: (315) 447-1218  or email:

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