Getting to Know Cedarwood!

I have discovered a new scent and am really enjoying using Cedarwood Essential Oil day to day, directly on my pulse points as well as diffusing in my home.  It has a different kind of scent, spicy.  To me it is very fresh, woodsy but not like my mother’s old cedar chest – not that strong.

North American Indians used Cedarwood to enhance their spiritual rituals, believing that it provided a symbolic, protective umbrella over the earth.  It brings energy from the universe and at night, animals would lie under the Cedarwood trees for protection.

Cedarwood primarily affects the nervous and respiratory systems.  It is calming and can be used to treat anxiety, arthritis, congestion, psoriasis, sinusitis, hair loss and urinary tract infections!  Cedarwood is purifying so diffusing it in the home is beneficial, especially in the bedroom and spaces used for meditation.

Because of its spiciness, Cedarwood blends well with Bergamot (one of my personal favorite blends!); cypress and eucalyptus (especially for diffusing to prevent respiratory infections); floral essential oils and rosemary.

Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses:

  • Add a few drops into your shampoo for shinier hair.
  • After warming a few drops between your fingers, give yourself a soothing scalp massage (or ask me to do so during your massage!) which also creates healthy hair!
  • Chase away biting summer bugs by blending Cedarwood with Citronella, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove or Lemongrass. These oils can be mixed with a little water and sprayed on the body – or around your outdoor space.

Let Olivia know if you would like to try some Cedarwood in your next massage experience.

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