A Place of Peace

We all feel stress from time to time, whether due to family, work, finances or health issues.  And when that stress builds to a level that makes us feel as though we will break, something needs to change.  This can be particularly true during the Holiday season when we strive to do all the “shoulds” to make the season bright for those around us.

So, particularly this time of year, we need to regroup and destress.  I could say the obvious: “Get a massage!”  But instead I am going to encourage you to find a place of respite and peace for yourself, a place where you don’t need an appointment.  This is a space in your home, in nature at a park or your backyard, or perhaps at a museum.  Wherever it is, it is a place in which you can be totally comfortable and answer to no one or nothing but your own needs.

Nature can often be an incredible place to find peace as it can draw your attention away from your stress.  Observing the environment is a meditation, bringing us away from our concerns – out of our head.

Look around.  See the pattern of the bark of a tree; the shadows cast by leaves; or the designs of the clouds.  Nature’s artwork.

Stop and listen.  Hear the bird song; squirrels running up trees; dogs barking.  Nature’s music.

Take a deep breath. The smell of fallen leaves; pine needles; chimney smoke.  Memories are stirred by scents.

When we allow our senses to inform our current, present moment, our worries slip away.

During this holiday season of joy, love and incredible pressure, find your place of peace.

Linger there a bit.  Then take some of that peace back with you into the world.

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