Your Secret Identity!

You may have noticed that people are reacting differently to the current situation thrust upon us by the COVID19 virus.  And not just those pushing for reopening the economy versus those wanting to continue the practice of staying safely at home.  People are exhibiting the gamut of emotions: fear of catching the virus or of their economic situation; relief for a break in the daily grind; excitement for the chance to learn new things or visit far off museums through online resources; sadness for loss or not being able to visit with friends and family.

Ayurveda, an ancient, holistic wellness science, teaches us that we all have an underlying “self” that identifies with the elements that make up our environment.  And which ever of these elements come together to best define who we are, can be seen by our current reactions.

Follks who are primarily suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness/insomnia are governed by ether (space) and air.  They will do best by sticking to a strict, regular, daily schedule, especially surrounding meals and bed/waking times.  Connecting to others via online means or a phone call is essential, as is finding creative outlets such as drawing, writing/journaling, or practicing music.  Their diet should avoid raw foods.

Those who are actively, even aggressively, seeking solutions to current issues and are meeting the crisis primarily with anger and frustration are governed by fire and water elements.  To best control these emotions, it is important to have specific goals to keep the mind satisfied: investigate concerns and share what is being learned (responsibly); take online classes; exercise regularly, gently.  Recognize that it is ok to take downtime to care for oneself.  Avoid hot and spicy foods.

Others among us will withdraw and appear calm but may actually be feeling depressed.  These folks need to move, seeking out new activities to energize the body and the mind.  Food is of particular importance as weight gain comes easily.  Avoid sugary, floury foods and watch portion size.  Get out of bed in the early morning hours to avoid the heaviness that staying in bed can bring.

For everyone:  Take good care of yourself!  Realize that you do not have to be busy to be valuable.

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