Weight Loss, Holistically!

  Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.  So by now, 4 months in, many will be seeing results.  But – just as many, if not more, will not be seeing the weight loss that they had hoped for.  While diet and exercise are crucial components to a weight-loss program, the holistic science […] Read more…

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Sick of Pollen Head?!

It’s Spring – and the Pollen is flying!   Here are some simple ways to continue breathing: 1. Use a Netti pot daily. Rinsing the sinus cavities with warm saline water eliminates much of the pollen and other allergens that plague us this time of year. Follow the Netti pot with Nasya oil. This medicated sesame […] Read more…

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Me and Milton, Letting Go of Perfection

and Finding Peace in the New Year! At a time when we are making New Year resolutions, and trying to figure out how not to break them, a story comes to mind. A few weeks before Christmas, I said, “‘Tis the season – time to make the Christmas cards!”  So I gathered my art supplies […] Read more…

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Me and Milton

My morning did not begin as I had envisioned. I sat at the dining table to do some work, preparing for a workshop I was conducting on holistic ways to reduce stress.  My boyfriend’s 95 year old father, who recently moved in with us, sat down with me.  The boyfriend was leaving for an early […] Read more…

Staying Healthy During Winter!

  Winter is a time when many people fall prey to respiratory infections, colds, and flu.  It is a dry, brittle, cold season that brings those same qualities to our minds and bodies unless we make simple changes to our routines, changes that allow us to live in harmony with Nature’s cycles, which ensures better […] Read more…

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Why Ayurveda?

What is ayurveda

So here I am!  An Ayurvedic Practitioner and Massage Therapist in Raleigh, NC.  What a change from “VP of Internal Audit / Regulatory Compliance” in the world of credit unions!!  Following my passions, I am happier, healthier and more in touch with what makes my life worthwhile. But why Ayurveda?  Why something that makes people […] Read more…

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Due to Covid 19, Olivia is currently not providing Massage Services or teaching Yoga. Please check back at a later date. For online Ayurvedic Consultations, contact Olivia at olivia.ayurveda@gmail.com.